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Deviated Nose

What is Deviated Nose?

Deviated Nose

Deviated Nose

Deviated, twisted or crooked noses are one of the most challenging deformities to deal with. This deformity involves an interplay of multiple anatomical structures underneath. A perfectly done nose job will ensure excellent cosmetic and functional outcomes.

Most of the deviated noses are secondary to trauma. Nose being the most anteriorly projecting part of the face is prone to injury. Nasal bone fractures or septal fractures can lead to external deviations along with nasal obstruction. Other less common causes for deviations can be congenital/ developmental, unrecognized childhood trauma, birth canal injuries, post infection, iatrogenic.

In cases of extreme deviations, it sometimes is difficult to procure a straight piece of cartilage for various grafting techniques. This mandates use of an alternative source for graft material such as the Ear cartilage or Rib cartilage.
The surgical techniques to straighten the septum along with osteotomies to align the bony framework help achieve optimum results. Dr Ghaisas with his extensive experience in extracorporeal septoplasty delivers excellent results even with extremely deviated noses.