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Saddle Nose

What is Saddle Nose?


Saddle Nose

Saddle Nose

Nose indeed can be the most unnoticed facial feature, but an indistinctive flat nose can draw all the attention from an attractive face. Saddle noses can be a result of many etiologies like congenital, post infection, post trauma etc. These noses are usually broad, flat and featureless and rhinoplasty in such patients can lead to a striking change in ones appearance.

The techniques employed to correct these deformities mainly aim at augmenting the collapsed nose and bridge and modification of the tip and columella to match the new profile.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty requires additional material to obtain desired height of the nose. In majority of cases operated in our center we prefer to harvest cartilage from the 9 th or 10th rib.

Ghaisas ENT hospital has one of the largest series of augmentation Rhinoplasty using diced costal cartilage in rectus fascia in India. Our techniques ensure more natural looking results with long term resilience.