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Hump Nose

What is Hump Nose?

Taking down the hump:
This deformity comprises of noses with a bump or convexity of the dorsum of the nose, seen more obviously from the side view. Though commonly seen in some races, this deformity can be bothersome for others. The humps can comprise of bone (upper part) or excess cartilage (lower part) or both. Correction of the hump requires removal or reducing the protuberance. The bony hump can be reduced by use of rasps, chisels or drill, whereas the cartilaginous part can be taken care of by sharp scissors or scalpel. This is followed by other surgical manoeuvres to match the rest of the nose to the new profile giving the nose a more natural look.

Cartilage and bone make up the nasal hump. One approach for taking down the hump is described here, but there are several methods that can be used.

Dr. Virendra s preferred approach is the removal of hump part by part nasal hump. A scalpel is used for this method to incise the cartilage of the hump in order to create, as shown below, a ‘joint’ at the junction of the cartilage and bone.


As illustrated in the diagrams, the osteotome (bone knife) is situated at the bone-cartilage junction. The osteotome can easily cut through bone because it is extremely sharp. The osteotome advances through the bone in the desired path with a gentle tap-tap technique, then the bone-cartilage hump is removed en bloc, or in one piece.